The Emerald Spire


What did i sign up for?

20th of Rova, 4712AR

I have decided to keep a detailed record of my time spent here at the spire. Perhaps one day I can write and sell a book about it. Hell if what we know so far as is true I could even write a guide and sell maps. I guess only time will tell whether or not this will be the case, or if my body is fated to litter the floor like so many others.


22nd of Rova, 4712AR

It has been years since I left my homeland, ostracized by my family; and abandoned by all who had once called me friend. Ten long years… I have seen much and done even more during that time, some of which I am less then proud of. Still none of this seems to compare with the people I now find myself bound to.

First there is the mage Tally, she is; young, naïve, small, and mantic. She at first glance she looks fairly normal but you need only spend a few minutes around her to know otherwise. She is obsessed with fire, and revels in burning everything, and I do mean everything.

That said she has never been away from home or indeed outside of town before, she is utterly clue less about life spent “adventuring” as she is so fond of calling it. Yet is spite of all this, or indeed because of it, I find myself somewhat drawn to the girl. I feel a vague kinship to her in that she too has been forced out of her home.

This leads to the biggest, both physically and metaphorically, mystery of the group. A proclaimed paladin he acts in every way but as a paladin. He is prone to mood swings and violent and intense outburst. At one point he even made to attack me. Later he would nearly behead Tally.

All this is bad enough if not for the way I found him. In a tiny cell made of solid stone and thick metal door. Further exacerbated by the fact he had a small army of guards watching him. Both of my traveling acquaintances seem to be here as some means of punishment or to make reparations for past ills.

I am no saint, but I have committed no crime in this land and faced no judgement. Much less have sentence passed against me. I but asked for permission to attempt the ruin as many before me have. I know not what tomorrow may bring, but I fill ill at easy.



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